Tornimäe 7-25, Tallinn 10145, Estonia


The main objective of our company is to promote the business success of our customers through the optimal selection of logistics. Speaking as a logistics provider, «TLS Company» provides a full range of services for the delivery of products from producer to final consumer, allowing the company to concentrate not on delivery, but on their own development and promotion of products on the market.

We provide services in the following areas:

  • International transportations
    • Prefabricated goods
    • Motor transport
    • Marine transport
    • Air transport
    • Railway transport
    • Multimodal transportations

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  • Customs clearance in the EU and Russia
    • Pre-treatment documents;
    • Selection of codes in accordance with the commodity nomenclature
    • Preliminary calculation of customs payments;
    • Accounting and legal support of export-import operations;
    • Registration of foreign trade contracts and passports of transactions;
    • Preparation of documents and obtaining permits for customs security for payment of customs duties;
    • Registration of the declaration of goods and its entry into the customs;
    • Pre-Declaration;
    • Registration procedures for bonded transit;
    • Provision of expert assistance in solving problems related to customs clearance;

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  • Trading operations
    • Search and purchase of necessary goods in the EU with resale and delivery to the consignee's warehouse

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